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Business Meeting

Corporate Meditation Classes



Group meditations can increase your employees' well being and productivity at work! They have been shown to help improve focus, concentration, self esteem, productivity, increase creativity, achieve goals, and to release anxiety and stress.


We will use Mindfulness, Loving-Kindness, Compassion, and Creative Visualizations to help your employees feel refreshed and empowered to return to  a productive work day.


Weekly on-site and virtual Meditation sessions are available. Virtual sessions will take place on Zoom.

Some Clients Include: (Walmart E-Commerce), IBM, ERA, Avalon, WeWork, AndCo, NACTO, Chartbeat, The Jersey City Public Library, Shelter Rock Library, The Residents of Roseland Mack, KRE Residential Group, Liberty Harbor, Girl Scouts, and More (Please email for full resume)

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