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Children and Teen Classes

"My wish is for all children and teenagers to know their value and worth! To realize they are worthy and deserving of all the good things that they desire in their lives! To live happy and free from suffering!"

Meditation for children and teenagers is crucial in cultivating self love, self worth, confidence, compassion, focus, concentration, stress, anxiety relief, and help with navigating difficult emotions and change. Meditation also helps release limiting beliefs and negative self talk which really tend hold us back as we get older in life.

Class Information:


-20-30 minute sessions. 

-Book daily, weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, or one time workshops.

-Class set up

 Welcome intro, guided practice, time for Q&A/sharing.

-Classes are done via Zoom, YouTube or Facebook Live.  Other                      options welcome.

-Using various forms of meditation   techniques such as Mindfulness,   Loving- Kindness (Metta), Compassion,   and Creative Visualizations.       Anxiety   coping skills and easy breathing exercises.   For children these   will be presented as colorful and imaginative adventures.

-Schools, after school activities, clubs, libraries, summits, events, and            private classes available.

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