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Virtual Meditation Classes!

Amy teaches a wide range of virtual events for several companies and institutions all over the country such as Libraries, Corporations, Residential buildings, Luxury high rises, Summits, and more! She teaches children-adult seniors.



-Options for a 30 minute or hour session.

-Book Weekly, Bi-weekly, or a one time workshop.  If     booking more then one class, a different meditation   technique will be taught at each session.

-Classes are held via zoom or your companies YouTube or       Facebook live accounts. Other options are welcome.

-Classes: Mindfulness, Loving-Kindness (Metta) for oneself   and all beings, Compassion, and Creative Visualizations for   relaxation, anxiety/stress relief, Goal setting, Manifesting.   Includes breathing exercises and anxiety coping skills.     Children's mindfulness creative visualization adventures.   And Teen self love meditation classes.

-Class Layout

  Welcome and Intro, guided practice, Q&A session.

Some clients include:

The Jersey City Public Library, NJ

Shelter Rock Library, NY

Dover Town Library, MA

Roseland Library, NJ

Roseland Mack-Cali Residential, East Coast

Liberty Harbor Residents, NJ

Girl Scouts, NJ (Walmart E-commerce)

KRE Residential Buildings

Andco co-working space, NJ

WeWork, NYC

ChartBeat, NYC

National Association of City Transportation Officials

Please email for full list and resume

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